We all dream right? We look at our business and wonder how. How can we build on our reputation or expand out and grab more sales or get more enquiries coming in. We all think, if only we could find a way, life would be better. Quality time to spare, holidays & life’s wonders all drive us to get smarter.

You’re great at running your business – you really know your stuff. Guess what? We really know our stuff too and using our graphic design and marketing skills developed over 20 years in the business [and lots of happy customers] might just be that extra push your business needs.

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Way back in the summer of ’03, Redcar Design & Marketing was born. We have big ideas and use our 20 years of experience to make our customers happy. From web & graphic design to online marketing & SEO. We handle budgets from a few hundred pounds to tens of thousands.



Team Redcar Design are a friendly bunch who like a nice latte as a little treat. There's me (Emma) & Steve. I've been working 'online' since 1997 and Steve's been a graphic designer for over 20 years. With a great network of expert knowledge, we can help with projects large or small.

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25 Feb 2015

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Redcar Design - We offer graphic design and marketing services and are based centrally between Nottingham and Derby, in Ilkeston which is just on the Derbyshire border. We have over 20 years experience in graphic design, marketing and online advertising including web design. Over the years, we've worked in agencies, publishing houses, design studios and also as eCommerce directors - we've been on both sides of the fence and understand the needs of our customers

Your guide to good and bad Facebook likes

I have just posted a video on Facebook relating to the difference between Facebook likes, engagement and reach. It's calls 'Facebook likes for vanity, engagement and reach for sanity' - catchy huh! I've clearly just coined an old phrase relating to turnover and profit, but it suits this subject well too. Those elusive Facebook likes A lot of business owners set up a Facebook page and then get stuck with the question of how to

Facebook Advice For Small Business

Facebook Advice for Small Business Get practical advice on the simple little tricks you can use on your Facebook business page without taking up all of your time and effort.   Redcar Design have almost 20 years of digital marketing experience and would like to pass on some help and advice based on most commonly asked questions from our customers.   The video below will help you to understand the fundamentals of using Facebook for



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